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Tourism in Ribadesella

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Come to Ribadesella. Tourism in Ribadesella.

Villa of tourist excellence and capital of prehistoric significance.

Ribadesella is placed on the eastern coast of Asturias, at the feet of Peaks of Europe mountains. It offers to the visitant a wide range of cultural attractions: landscapes, history, nature, art, gastronomy. All together in a place covered by the course of the River Sella, the most popular in Asturias.

Ribadesella, the heart and soul of Asturias.

A land of breathtaking scenery and remarkable natural beauty, gourmet food and welcoming people.

Discover all this and more in the region of Ribadesella. An island of green and blue, surrounded not only by the sea but by the mountains, high peaks and clear rivers that wind through beautiful wooded landscapes.

In Ribadesella where the emblematic River Sella meets the untamed Cantabrian sea, there is a perpetual advance and retreat which creates an unspoilt coastline of dramatic cliffs and sweeping sandy beaches.

A panorama of infinitive diversity, Ribadesella is all at once, a mountain range, a swaying forest, a luscious valley and a warmed-hearted community.

Here there is an ancestry that goes back to prehistoric times. Today a lively fishing port. Palaeolithic cave paintings delight our visitors as much as the beautifully conserved heritage of bright Indian mansions and the 19th century town houses situated around the busy quay and marina.

Gastronomy of Ribadesella.

Our gastronomy is a delight. Born of two cultures, where mountains join the sea. Where the traditional maritime recipes meets delicious dishes of the land. Come and try for yourselves all we have to offer.

From Ribadesella we extend a warm invitation to come and visit us. Come and experience our hospitality in the wide range of charming accommodation. We guarantee you will live your days to the full and sleep like kings.


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